Dear Prime Rooms lover, friends and family!

We are opening with you the Prime Garden this Saturday!

As always we will provide finest house music, drinks and an open BBQ grill!

So bring your own meat, food, veggies, salad (bring more so we can share)

Bring also cold drinks, a fridge will be provided to store it!

For the lazy ones we will provide some extra stuff!

We will start at 5pm, bring your friends, favorite music, instruments, food & drinks and lot more with you!

The festival season has also started that’s why we end this evening with a fucking crazy party... the police is invited to, so they don't have to come if the neighbors complain, cause the already here! ;)

see you soon @ Prime Rooms 

aaaaah... if it rains we will still grill cause we are fucking awesome!

kisses & love


Finally the first free alternative tour arrived in Vienna!

join us everyday at 2pm @ metro station Gumpendorfer Straße!

Experience Vienna like you never did with any other city before! Dive deep into culture, lifestyle and social systems and learn how the city with the best living quality in the world works!


book now

Since March every day a kickbike tour

Sun is shining, weather is sweet!
We are ready to explore with you on our fantastic kickbikes the alternative side of Vienna!
Are you too? - check our video out and get a spot for todays tour! :)

The only Kickbike Tour in Vienna with fun & experienced locals!

Every day at 2:30pm, Annagasse 7, 1010 Viena - for only 12€/pp*

Homeless people guided tour

Bored of historical tours? Want to discover something new? Go on this unforgettable tour that will you show another side of living in a city!

Discover another side of Vienna and go on a tour guided by a homeless person! Discover the multiple shades of homelessness: the challenges, social services and stories of living and surviving on the street.

This authentic, professional and insightful tour will submerge you into a mostly hidden and unseen world. During this 2-hour tour your guide will provide you with a mix of facts and personal stories that illustrate the complexity of homelessness. 


Wow - we are organizing this party now for the 3rd time!

The Prime Rooms Family is warmly welcoming you to the biggest and most authentic new years home party in Vienna!

For those who already attended to this event last year, just click on attend and we see each other soon! :)

For the rest, please read following instructions, which are really import for your safety!

#1 this an unorganized event, by some crazy locals, which wanna celebrate the biggest night this year and next year :P

#2 we don't take any responsibilities of damage, suicide and overdose of any substance

#3 this is a "very" secret party, so just invite your closest friends

#4 bring a lot of booze, drugs, hookers (male&female), food, instruments and any other crazy facility which makes this night even more unique

#5 if you can't organize anything from rule 4, don't worry we are unorganized, but well prepared - so there will be enough for you, in this case we have to ask you to chip in the pot (min. 30€)

#6 be as creative as you can! bring your favorite music, games, things, stories you would like to share

#7 we like it boom! - fireworks are legal in Austria so bring as much as you can so we can light up the neighbors house!

#8 accept the party rules otherwise we have to dismiss you from the party, we will make occasionally controls during the event

#9 read this shit carefully - but don't take it too serious ;)

#10 spread it around the world, everyone should know how awesome your new years eve will be!

more information about the location on -->

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