MONDAY FUNDAY // 11.07.16


Summer, Sun, Sand & Monday Funday

You've heard right,  MONDAY FUNDAY presented by Prime Rooms is coming soon!

be ready for the 6th round of this event series:

------------------->>12:00 - 16:00 <<--------------------
pool&garden opening /// burn, burn - BBQ is hot /// bring&chill
---> groovy deep house vibes by D-Jay-C

------------------>> 16:00 - 18:00 <<---------------------
let it bounce - table tennis tournament 

------------------->>> 19:00 <<<--------------------------
make yourself wet - the only original wet t-shirt contest 
(win a bottle of the famous beason leave vodka + drinks)

------------------->>> 20:00 <<<--------------------------
indoor / outdoor - party whereever you like, 2 floors open
be suprised by our special DJ - Guests

------------------->>> 22:00 <<<-------------------------
bitte psssssssst - outdoor floor is closing 
continuing parting inside 
various DJ - line up - you are the next top decker? 
Then bring your stuff and show us what you can!

Everyday a Walking Tour

We are very proud to announce that we organize now every day a walking tour! :D
(Please resgister online to save you a limited spot)

MEETING POINT: St. Stephans Cathedral , Stephansplatz 3, 1010, next to the small Cathedral model on the right side (if you look to the entrance on the right)

TIME:  MON - THU -->      10:45 -- ± 11:00 meet & greet at St. Stephans 
                                              11:00 -- ± 13:00 end of tour near Museums Quarter

              FRI - SUN    -->       15:45 -- ± 16:00 meet & greet at St. Stephans 
                                              16:00 -- ± 18:00 end of tour near Museums Quarter


Due to the rain, we are forced to cancel todays walking tour zoday (Monday 20th)! :(
Our next tour is on Tuesday the 21st at 10:45am next to the miniature of St. Stephens Cathedral.

Today's Tour is canceled 

Due to the rain, we are forced to cancel todays walking tour! :(
Our next tour is on Wednesday the 22nd at 10:45am next to the miniature of St. Stephens Cathedral.

Champions league final live @ Prime Rooms

Watch with us the Champions League footbal final!

--------------------->>>home party<<<---------------------- 
-------------->>>big screen (63" HD)<<<------------------ 
---------------------->>>free beer<<<<---------------------- 
-------------------->>>Prime Rooms<------------------------

come and join our Alternative Pub Crawl after words
and celebrate with us the new football champion :DDD

--------------->>>PARTY & FOOTBALL<<<--------------------- 
---------------->>> 4 BARS & CLUBS <<<----------------------- 
--------->>>FREE SHOTS & ENTRANCE<<<<--------------- 
------------>>>>DRINK ON THE WAY<<<<--------------------- 
------->>>AUSTRIAN DRINKING GAMES<<<<-------------- 
------------------>>>>ONLY 12€<<<<-----------------------------

bring and tell your friends :D enough beer and pizza whole night long :DD

more info on -->

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