we are eco friendly

Did you know that we recycle all our waste, nevertheless if it’s plastic, metal, paper, glas our organic waste? 

We have a special water-pipe system which filters out the chemical substances from the sewage water, what is reused in our own garden!

We always take for cooking food from Austria, so you can be assure it’s authentic Austrian grown vegetables, that also reduce exhaust fumes, because of short transportation  distance. 



So come and try with us to make OUR EARTH a little bit more clean with taking short showers, using your towel more than once and help us recycle the waste :)


Prime Rooms is perfect for single or duo traveller! Make your Vienna hostel experience unique!



Soon... we will organize the first free walking tour in Vienna!!! 
Be prepaired for the unique Vienna experience! From Schönbrunn Palace, which is just 4 walking minutes away from Prime Rooms, that friends house what is more than a hostel until the beautiful old town of Vienna! 

We will give you a nice overview of the history of Vienna and show you some intressting secret places!
You will try the best roasted coffee in town and will eat one of the best hotdogs you ever tried!

And all the for free! Well...of course our friendly and fun making guides won't be unhappy if you tip them, after a well explained walking tour!

check our page for updates and news!!!!

See you soon @ Prime Walking Tours - more than a Tour
                         @ Prime Rooms - more than a hostel 

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late night dinner @ prime rooms

Cooking & enjoying dinner together with our guests.


This evenings menu:

Pumpkin coconut cream soup with asian cucumber salad & a pumpkin seed oil topping.

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