Time pasts fast.... One year is over and Prime Rooms is bigger, cooler, hipper and mover famous than ever and thats because of

so we gonna celebrate this big event with you and not just that. Also the founder Clemens and one of his longest friend Verena got older... like every year 

Thats why we party with you before the next year will past.

/////////////////////////////VERY HARD FACTS//////////////////////////////////////

Where: Down Under/// Lounge /// Snake pit /// Club

When: 10th of October //// Free Drinks till 22:30 @ Lounge

Who: Verena, Clemens, Prime Rooms and their lovers

Smth else: We provide for the first guests some free drinks and 
get some special prices all night long

/////////////////////////////////////////Line Up/////////////////////////////////////////////////

20-23h - D-Jay-C (deep house, latin)

23-02h - SUPR3M3 (mininmal, tech-house)

02-03h - Special vocal performance - Klak Klak music

03-End - Special guests

/////////SEE YOU SOON//////@DOWN UNDER///////PUB/////////////////


////////tell your friends/////tell your neighbors///////party hard///////////


Verena & Clemens

Prime Rooms & Team

1 YEAR PRIME ROOMS & 1000 Likes 

Clemens, our very helpful founder had the awesome idea to create a small hostel in a creative family house. He had a dream. He wanted that the people don't just "stay" there. He wanted that the people "live" in the house like they would do it at home, but better. So he created something so special, what you never did see before.

Guess what 1 year later people celebrate their stay so much, that they not just extend their stay, they started to work and live here to make travelling for backpacker better.

You don’t belief us? So just come over and convince your self!!!

For sure we will celebrate this anniversary with you!

 save the date 10th of October – Prime Rooms – more than a hostel


Monday Funday 4.0


Our famous party event goes to the 4th round!! We want to celebrate with you the end of the summer, the beginning of the universaty and almost 800 likes on our facebook page! It's going to be crazy and you will celebrate with us --> watch our party trailer :)


Germknödel - yummy

today we had for lunch smothing really tipical austrian- Germködel what is a Germknödel?
- it's a sweety dumpling filled with plum jam toped with hot, melted butter, poopy seed and powder sugar!
This tastiness is a sin :D

Prime food

every day we cook awesome dinner together!  What do we cook tonight?                                          

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