Viennese Alternative Pub Crawl

Meeting Point :

Dick Macks
Marc-Aurel Straße 7,1010 Wien

--> easy to get there

by metro to

Schwedenplatz(U4/U1) then 5 min walking

Stephansplatz(U3/U1) then 10min walking


Every WED-SAT @ 9pm 

Are you ready to experience a night out in Vienna like a local? Then be prepared to have a blast! We will take 
you to places, not mentioned in any guidebooks. Places so hip and cool that you will love us for bringing you there!


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---------------->>> 4 BARS & CLUBS <<<----------------------- 
------------>>>4 FREE SHOTS + 1 Beer <<<<----------------
------->>>AUSTRIAN DRINKING GAMES<<<<----------------
-------------------->>>>ONLY 15€<<<<---------------------------

what is included?     

These bars and clubs reflect the local people's
lifestyle and shows you the real
Viennese nightlife. 

Our goal is to show you the places, which
you otherwise wouldn't even search for, and make
your night as enjoyable as possible. The
adventure we prepared offers you outstanding
music, fair prices and a once in a lifetime

We meet at a unique venue with a possibilty 
of playing famous austrian drinking games following
this, you get to explore the various music and
culture bars, which offer you everything 
from drinks, to live music, to art instalations:            everything a night in Vienna should include.


The end of our tour will be in a selected club with high quality music choice and with awesome drink specials, where the night truly begins... If you are not already "too tired" ...


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The alternative pub crawl's destinations are always changing, so please let us surprise you.

You can email us if you want to know the details about a specific night, and we'll let you know what we have planned already.

Got a group booking, or any questions? Let us know, we would love to help!


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