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"Prime Tours will take you beyond the tourist attractions to the heart and soul of Vienna."

You always wanted to know how the Austrian population prevented the first European right wing president? Why Austria is the only country in the world with an atomic power plant we never used?







The alternative tour gives you a good insight of the Viennese and Austrian lifestyle with all its characteristics and uniqueness.

Vienna is a city which is famous for the Austrian-Hungarian Empire and the Habsburg dynasty. It got multi-cultural throughout the centuries and is influenced by that fact till today but has changed since the K u. K monarchy dramatically.

The Social democratic political views, the world wars and the changes in technology, society and the globalization have made Vienna to what it is today. It is a city, where the center reminds you on the old days of the Emperors but the real and authentic Vienna with all its life and actual culture is to be found in totally different neighborhoods.







Our guides have a wealth of stories and information to share with you about the characteristics of the Viennese, their contemporary culture and art.

We inform about the best ways to spend your time in this beautiful and exciting city!

We support creative arts and the protection of the Viennese lifestyle and culture.

Tour Start:

WHERE: Metro station Gumpendorferstraße (next to the sausage booth) Watch out for the guy wit the colorful prime tour flag

WHEN: 2pm (please book online first)

HOW: FREE TO JOIN --> a tip based experience

WHY: If you are looking for Free Walking Tours in Vienna - we offer more than sightseeing, and we want to share this, be different, and connect great guides with smart travelers 

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