Get a Prime Franchise

Prime Rooms is the most successful Hostel Start-Up in Vienna - our figures tell you more about!

Prime Rooms...

+was in the first 4 months in the black
+increased revenue every year by over 35% (since we have opened)
+increased facebook likes every year between 600 - 1000 (without spending 1€ by adds)
+is under the top five best rated hostels in Vienna since beginning (although the location is not the best)
+created a system with really low labor costs
+created such an homey flair that you even forget that you are not at home
+has such a strong community that guests, partners and old staff always coming back to the house
+has very low investment costs with a maximum output
+doesn't depend on a physical house, but much more one the great atmosphere, love and people who work, stay and live there
+it's his first of his kind, you won't find any similar hostel in the world
+is easy to create, if you the right kind of person
+was founded by Clemens Sengwein, a 20 years old backpacker
+has to close it's door at the current location, but might open with YOU soon again somewhere else

This list could be endless, so if you want to know more about sales figures, marketing strategy and contracts only contact us and visit us @ Prime Rooms till September 2017

Why would you choose Prime Rooms?

The founder is constantly seeking for new projects, as the newest Prime Tours! His goal to create a strong tourism brand which has it's roots in Europe, but soon expending to South America (Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica).

So every franchise Hostel or operator is enhancing the brand "Prime Rooms" all over the world. Because we are just at the beginning the franchise fee is low, the help and cooperation is big!


What are the main benefits:

+You don't have to worry about marketing and advertising, we are doing this for you!
+Shopping gets cheaper than more goods we buy, so if we buy together, we get better buying conditions
+We share all one website, so no costs for creating and servicing the website
+No creating of content, we are doing for you the posts, adds and more
+We share all sales figures, ideas, thoughts about how we can improve our business
+You will have strong partner with a lot of experience and know-how
+Prime Rooms is an international protected brand by law, so no one can copy us!
+enter into a business with great reputation and image, guests already know what they can expect
+You never will be alone, the Prime community is always there and willing to help you in any topics

+together we can succeed much more, this is our philosophy

You still want to know more? Then just write us an email ( or just visit us and convince yourself of our great environment!